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Reliable Dealership

The lease for my car ended sometime last year and I was in desperate need of a car. I didn't even have the time to really research or really figure out what I wanted to get out of my next car purchase. I contacted Peter and he was able to take time out of work to show me cars that I would be interested in to get. I looked at several and he told me that he can get me the best deals around. My mom even tried to get discounts from other car dealerships and Peter was able to cut the prices to even lower than theirs. I gave him exact details of the car I wanted and it was a car with good mpg, leather seats, and options similar to a luxury car and he was able to find that car.

If you're trying to find a good long run deal and find the car that fits your style just ask for Peter. He will not only go out of his way to find that car, but he will do whatever he can to find a car that meets your budget.


My lease for the Toyota FR-S would come to an end this month. I groaned thinking of the hassle I would have to deal with in terms of returning my car as well as making a new purchase for the next vehicle. When it comes to car salesmen a positive impression isn't the first thing that usually comes to mind. The endless paperwork, long negotiations, and placement of trust in both vehicle and salesmen can often be a taxing experience. I first heard of Auto Ave from mutual friends at Church. My friends spoke highly of them in terms of their integrity in work ethic and communication. I decided to give them a chance and I'm glad that I did.  

Auto Ave is at humble location near the heart of Korea-town, Los Angeles. I would suggest to not judge the book by its cover because they offer you more than just business and good deals. Service is their utmost priority and they take pride in offering the best sales amongst the vehicles online. Competitors don't come close either. If you are looking for a new vehicle they have close connections with nearby dealerships/vendors to offer the best prices without you having to experience the hassle of the salesmen there.

Peter Kim was the one who assisted me throughout the whole process. He is genuinely caring and takes the time to answer all of your questions. His patience and honesty made the whole process comfortable and stress free. He was there with me in helping me to return my vehicle to Toyota as well as helping me make the right purchase for my next vehicle. I purchased a used 2015 Arbath (for its size it has a loud bark). I also agree with the others who also stated that they really do their best to make you feel like part of the family. They go above and beyond setting a standard on genuine customer care. If you are looking for a new vehicle give them a call and you won't be disappointed. I will come back again.


If you're looking to buy a new car, ask for Peter Kim! He is knowledgeable and will help you throughout the whole process. He's also super sweet! He answers everything you need to know. Definitely recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a new car or used vehicle! Had a very good experience and will recommend Peter to everyone I know! Way to go Peter Kim! :) thank you so much for my new car I love it!!

-Kay K.



Just bought a Toyota Venza a couple of months ago.  Best and easiest transaction ever.  Mr Kim was just fantastic!  Will use these guys again.  If you're in the market don't hesitate, they're great!



Peter helped me purchase my dream Audi TT and he was amazing!! This was my first time buying my own car so I was a little nervous but he was so helpful and attentive he made my buying process a breeze! Would highly recommend Peter and Auto Ave!



Peter Kim helped me get my dream car.  He did his absolute best to do everything he could to help me drive her home. Was extremely helpful, informative, and he wasn't pushy or demeaning at all. Absolute amazing salesman, Auto Ave has somr great prices on some very nice cars. I'm telling all my friends who need a car to head down to see Peter. Great place guys thanks!!



I had an outstanding experience with Peter Kim. I am sure I do not have enough space on here to write how wonderful, professional and knowledgeable he was with cars and banks. His customer service was outstanding. I work in Corona, Live in RSM, my son works in Chino Hills. My son found a 2014 Hyundai Genesis ( after us spending 10 hours at 15 different dealerships on a Sunday and hours of internet looking ) so we told him to drive down see if he liked it and then report back to us before we had to drive down .(so we thought..this is where it gets GREAT) Peter did everything over the email and phone with Tyler and us. He got my son who is turning 19 tomorrow APPROVED BY HIMSELF !!!!! I didn't need to co sign ( I just bought a new car 60 days ago so we new it would be tuff if I had to) So now Tyler can establish his credit rating, his payment is less than what he wanted to pay and his interest is 9% for FIRST TIME CAR BUYER WHO HAS HAD HIS LICENSE LESS THAN 2 YEARS ! Peter was outstanding in all aspects of this purchase and we will definitely refer anyone looking to get a car to PETER!


They're great!

Auto Avenue is really the best!
They aren't trying to force you into buying a car and give you the time you need.
My family is trying to buy a car for my sister and rather than giving me the most expensive car to buy, they consider my families best interest and try to give me the best deal.

I spoke to Peter Kim and he is amazing! I really recommend talking to him and getting any type of advice from him. He shows hes knowledgeable and isn't trying to beat around the bushes. He is definitely the best person to talk to.


Wonderful & Friendly

Got my Mom's new Lexus through Auto Ave.

The sales associate named Peter Kim helped me & he was thorough, attentive, patient, courteous, communicated well AND kept a smile on his face the whole time.

Peter made the whole transaction painless and quick, and explained everything I needed to know. All I had to do was tell him what I was looking for, and he took care of everything from paperwork all the way to final delivery. Impressive! He's personable and professional, and he really seems to enjoy helping customers.

My experience here was so pleasant that I would return for future purchases/leases and refer friends and family to this business because they really went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and comfortable throughout the entire transaction.

Thank you Auto Ave and Peter for your patience and professionalism, and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!


Fantastic experience!

I was in desperate need of a car and didn't want to deal with a pushy dealership salesman. I called Auto Ave for a quote and spoke to Peter Kim. He gave me a great deal on a new car AND there was no sales pressure! I got the car I wanted the same day and he made the whole process easy. I will definitely come back to him for my next new car and recommend this place to everyone!


-Naomi O.

Auto Ave

2229 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006

(310) 405-3113

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2229 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006

(310) 405-3113